Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Prayer vs Physics

There are 2 lawn mowers out back behind the shed. Neither one of them work for one reason or another. The lawn needs mowing and has gone to winter's nap without a final cutting. But today the weather is warm for a January day. Short sleeves are enough and comfortable to work around the yard. But I can't do what really needs to be done. The leaves are difficult to rake because they're entangled in the long grass. I wish I could take care of the lawn.

I look at those 2 rusty broken lawn mowers and wish for 1 that works not 2 that don't. Wishes are fine but actions speak louder than words. So.....I attempt to start the one that doesn't have a broken cable. It sputters and poops out. The sputtering was like a promise to me. I wouldn't give up. This goes on for several minutes. I pray out loud ...God please help me. I pray the Our Father in my heart. I summon on St. Jude out loud to intercede my prayer for me... because he's the St. to pray for in hopeless situations.......Please! I pull that rope , I pull that rope I pull that damn rope all in vain. My arms start hurting and I'm all out of breath. It sputters --starts and then stops. .. Damn it ....! Over and over. Well it has oil it has gas maybe it's the spark plug. My son says if it were the spark plug then you wouldn't get a spark. But I was getting a spark. It's primed and it's on the right setting...what the heck? I remember I gave up on this thing long before the cable broke on the other one. I needed a lawn mower so bad and saw a man at the dump hover over to the one I was junking at the time and he said he would sell me one real cheap. I bought this stupid ol' rusty thing from him. I paid him 50 bucks...why then won't it ever work right? I got ripped off. I was doing the Christian thing by helping him out, jeesh now i got nothing to mow this lawn with.

My son tries with his strong arms... nothing. I kept at it saying to him I'll just keep praying it will start. I assured him....."You should never under estimate the power of prayer."

Then Tom gets an idea and he tinkers around with the one I've given up on because after all It has a broken cable and not a chance of a sputter from that one. He bypasses the cable and rigs it to work with an old shoe lace cut down tied with a simple bunny bow to the throttle, as if he had tied his shoe and the lawn mower started. He said "Mom....never underestimate the power of physics."

I was so happy I wanted to dance.
And THEN...he mowed the whole entire lawn. How sweet is that?
Now I ask you...... was my prayer answered?

Amen =)

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