Monday, January 14, 2008


I've decided it's way too depressing to actually know that I don't have many visitors. So I nixed the counter. I'm more relaxed already. I had even signed up for a free traffic counter which was installed for all of 3 hours. That meter basically was informing me that I, myself alone had visited this blog 13 times in 3 hours. It was like a moron meter to me. I don't need to know that. I already know that I'm eccentric but I don't want to see the stats of how neurotic I can be. With all that I can get back to enjoying life the way I did pre-statistics.
And to enjoy this little place I'm making here called a blog.
And not to worry about who is visiting or not visiting for that matter.

Oh and about that STORM that I mentioned in my last post. It wasn't anything much here on our part of the cape although everything is still up in the air so to speak, and it sure is FREEzing.

Hey- my latest issue of one of my favorite magazines arrived in the mail.
Birds and Blooms. I'll be enjoying every page of this for days to come. Maybe there will be something esp. nice to share with you here. That's a picture of a Baltimore Oriole, but I bet you knew that already.
This is just what I need to get through these cold New England times.
One good thing about winter is that it makes me appreciate spring/summer and fall all the more.
see ya later <3~elaine


Anonymous said...

hey elaine - it is kay from the cape cod times. finally found the way to your blogsite. i like your work. the felting is very good. as for no one sending you comments, you should not worry. as the movie adage sez - if you build it they will come. i am a newbee to this medium so i put anonymous as an identity. that sort of sums up my life - invisible. no matter i still move on.
have faith. your work is good and it is enlightening to read your entries. THEY WILL COME. -k-

Elaine said...

WOW a comment! My first and maybe my only comment. And a wonderful comment at that. K., Thank-you so much for fighting all the obstacles ~E.