Friday, January 18, 2008


From my youth---
Peel an orange round and round.
Peel a banana upside down.
If you count to twenty-four,
you may have your turn once more.
(now peppers, which means as fast as you can go) 1-2-3-4......

( this one starts slow side to side then over the head)
Texaco, Texaco over the hills to Mexico.
Spanish dancers do the kick, the kick, the kick.
Spanish dancers just like this, like this, like this.
Spanish dancers turn around, around, around.
Spanish dancers touch the ground, the ground, the ground.
Spanish dancers get out of town. (jump out)

Down in the meadow where the green grass grows
there sat Pepper as pretty as a rose
Along came (YOU) and kissed her on the cheek,
how many kisses did she get this week?
(peppers) 1-2-3-

Pepper and (YOU) were sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby in the baby carriage.

Fudge, fudge call the judge...
Mama's gonna have a baby.
Wrap it up in tissue paper
send it down the elevator.
(peppers) boy, girl, twins, triplets.

I'm a little Dutch girl dressed in blue,
These are the things that I like to do.
Salute to the Captain,
Curtsy to the queen,
Turn my back on a wicked submarine!

Hey I'm not making this stuff up.
These were the songs all we jump roping girls knew from my neighborhood back in the 60's.

Do any of these jog your memory?

For me it was a long long time ago.

The coolest girls knew how to "Chinese Jump Rope" I couldn't get pass the first few moves. Chinese jump rope is complicated. It's like playing cat's cradle, with your feet.(sigh) I did love watching those cool girls play. I wouldn't have dared to foul up their fast moving games. Nobody ever offered to teach me, and I didn't know anyone personally that knew how to play. So, I practiced alone at home, by having two dinner chairs hold the rope open for me. But the empty chairs would inevitably keel over with my not-so-fancy footwork. Besides... skipping rope was what I liked best and I was pretty damn good at it too.

A my name is Alice
my husband's name is Andy
We come from Alabama,
Where we sell apples.

I made this chickadee.
And named her... Pepper.

She likes jumping very fast!
I'm taking her over to the shop.

Hope you can visit there sometime. <3~elaine

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