Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary.


Kelee said...

Congratulations Elaine!

36 years is so amazing! I wish you and your beloved
a romantic day!

And love The Cure! Great song choice....

love, kelee

Kelee said...

Elaine -AHHHH I see it is the 311 version of the Cure song.. :):)

elaine said...

I should confess that I wasn't "cool" enough to know the difference between the 311 version and the Cure's Love Song. So.... of course I googled this and found great controversy on this very subject. I then viewed the YouTube videos of both 311 and the cure's Love Song. Well....Hmmm
The Cure's was incredible, and believable. While the 311 version was taped in a bar with flirty groupies all around. I am now changing my tune...Thank-you for opening my eyes.