Saturday, September 19, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream....

Just so you don't think that I live the life of a saint but as you know I wish that I did. After dinner tonight Papa wanted to take us out for ice cream. The kids were so excited and wanted monster mash sundaes and that made me want a hot fudge sundae too. I was in my pajamas so I stayed in the car while the guys went up to the take-out window. Papa knows exactly what kind of sundae I like (that's one of the perks for being married more than half your life). I closed my eyes and waited patiently for my treat to be brought to me. I really felt like a queen being pampered.
The kids come out squealing with excitement ...I sit up and grow a big smile. Papa hands me a LARGE sundae. The kids are so happy.
What kind of cruel person am I? Looking at this LARGE sundae in my hands should make me giddy. But my stomach starts punching me just looking at it. I open my mouth to say it's LARGE! I must have said it just the way I meant it.....because little daggers fired out Papa's eyes and I realized I was complaining.
He agrees...yes it is.
I don't stop. I add fuel to the fire... Have I ever ordered a large?
Don't eat it all.
What a waste.
It was on sale.
I pick at it with my plastic spoon. Then I dig looking for some hot fudge. Honestly there was just a sick amount of ice cream and only about a tea spoon of hot fudge.
Is there any fudge?
The girl is new.
Did you get any fudge?
Not much ..hey the girl is really nice she's just new here and doesn't know how to make a sundae very good.
By now the kids are sugared up, and cooped in the back seat. They're playing tug of war with a sweatshirt or something. One is laughing, one is crying...both are loud. Something is spilled...more laughing and crying. Papa gets out and fills a brown bag with everybody's bowl ready or not. We leave with both kids crying.
On the way home we stopped at a non demoninational church, ( see , I'm open) because I saw a circle drive. In the dark, under many bright parking lot lights we let the 2 boys out of the back seat to run the circle. It took 3 times around to tucker them out. They got in the car panting and friends again, too tired for horseing around.
My theory is if I'm going to consume 1,000 calories it better be just the way I like it. Which I would never want to anyway! What a waste.

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