Wednesday, September 16, 2009

100th post

Alright, because this is my 100th post ...I'm sharing this with you.... this is me.
I have on a Cape Cod Times T'shirt but I don't work there anymore I just like wearing free clothes. Speaking of free, I think it's a blogging tradition to have a give away for the 100th post. Sorry...I'm not having a give away. (this time)
I'll tell you some more things. I'm 54. As the earlier post says I've been married 36 years. That means I've been married since I was 18. I'm a mother 4 times and a grandmother once. I have grown up children and I'm also blessed or cursed depending on the moment with a younger child. So I'm starting all over again with the elementary school horrors. My family is basically my whole life. My grandson and son are 18months apart. They spend so much time together they're like brothers. I'm very thankful for everything. I don't want to take anything or anyone for granted.
I'm a Roman Catholic. I would like to say that I'm a devout Catholic but I'm sorry that I do miss Mass quite a lot. That makes me a very bad Catholic. In my back yard there's a little garden statue of Mary the Blessed Mother. For those of you who wonder about what these little statues are all about ... no they are not for good luck. No, they are not to worship either. Statues are not idols. Idols are worshipped and statues of Saints and Mary are just reminders of the person. They're called shrines. They are not graven images. For example..when you hang a photograph, you know very well the picture is not actually the's only a reminder of the person. The feelings you have go much deeper than the picture itself. Same as a crucifix too. We do not worship the cross by itself. It symbolizes the greatest act of love ever known to man. We don't worship the image itself, because that would make it a god. Some people adore money. It's not money that's bad it's the way you perceive...........................
OMG what am I talking about here? I'm supposed to be telling you about me....not all of this.
This is so typical. This is's so much a part of me.
And I'm really - not even a holy person. I just am so aware of another realm.
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a nun when I grew up.
(Thank-God for the church's sake that I didn't!)
You know I didn't get these kids by being chaste.
Ok let's see what else ...........................................................I guess that's it for now anyway.
Except, one of the reasons that I do enjoy blogging so much is for this reason. I'm free to express myself without forcing my opinions on anyone else. I can feel free to be me and that's a great feeling. I love that we can all celebrate our differences.
Thank-you for listening to me. I appreciate every single visit. xox~Elaine
.............. With that said, I bet you can't wait to see my 101st post!


Kitty said...

Hey good lookin'! It's soooo lovely to see you. Congratulations on your 100th post. I'm so glad we 'met'. x

elaine said...

I'm thankful for whatever link brought me to you. By the way Kitty...your eye with the camera is really blossoming. xox

Anonymous said...

I love you AE aka God -Ma


AE said...

I Love You very much. xox