Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thrift Finds

I don't usually mention the little things I find at thrift shops and yard sales. Oh yeah that's right --Duh --- maybe it's because I have not even been to a thrift shop or yard sale since I started this blog January 1st. It's always fun to read what others pick up as treasures. I enjoy reading that kind of blogging stuff so much that I couldn't wait until it was my turn to go thrifting. Today was my day.
I went to the ATM took out $20. Spent almost $15 for the stuff you see. Saved $5 in my piggy bank and helped our local hospital! I wouldn't exactly call this odd ball lot treasure...but it was fun to look for and I'm happy with my finds. Afterall, the real thrill is in the hunt.
I know a certain somebody who will read this and laugh because she gets so much more than this and pays absolutely NOTHING! She takes a few items to donate to the swap shop at her local dump and comes home with things that would make your eyes pop open. She just always seems to be in the right place at the right time. You know who you are don't you? She's even had people handing things to her, God Bless Ya.

This is what the cat dragged in today ----

1. A big red photo album. I like it because it has slots to slide the pictures in and anything that can help me organize is welcome.

2. A never been used colorful terry dish towel. It's not for my dishes though. This will be going out to my shed. Can you see the picture on the right of my clothesline? That's my shed behind it.... my hang out

3. A package of 4 plastic plates more like platters giving the directions on how to eat lobster. I personally don't like to eat lobster but my father in law does. The past 2 years we've presented him with a big lobster on his birthday. He has Parkinson's disease and the pills he takes makes him very forgetful. He realizes this and might get an extra smile when he sees these plates with his lobster next birthday. (Lord willing)

4. I'm not sure what this thing is but it is pretty and I'll use it to slice cheese on. It's a maroon colored flat dish, much like a tile but with a little foot and it's a bit curved.

5. A made in Japan toothpick barrell.

6. A little vintage table cloth with a red hand crocheted border. It's very sweet.

7. A bowl that says ...Have A Great Day

8. Last but not least. That gorgeous blue wool sweater.


That was this morning. Since then, I have deconstructed the wool sweater and washed it with my jeans in the washing machine with hot soapy Dawn dish liquid. Then I dried them in the clothes dryer with hot air. It shrunk up nicely and is now nestled in my wool stash where it will sit forever and a day until the Spirit moves me.

Like the bowl says...HAVE A GREAT DAY! xoxo~Elaine

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Kitty said...

Didn't you do well? I must admit, I'm a regular at the local Charity Shops - sometimes there is real 'treasure' to find there. Can't wait to see what you do with that sweater.

Take care. x