Friday, February 8, 2008

Nature's Candy

I know, I's another dark grainy picture. But if I let that get in my way of being here then I just might not get here at all. I'm aware that good pics are like eye candy. Well....? This is about nature's candy...fruit. I took this picture in the middle of the night, because I wanted to show you the blob of fruit there. Ordinarily we keep a few pieces of fruit around at a time. We usually put the fruit in the glass fruit bowl up in the open window. Don't worry when you see curtains above those candlesticks. I would never light them up while they are on the shelf there. They come down to the table for dinner and the go back up and out of the way.
So today when I was shopping for fruit I bought a bag of apples, a bag of oranges and 3 bananas. Now the test begins. Will my tribe see all this fruit and let it sit there to waste? Or will they eat it up promptly as I do hope they will? That remains to be seen. I purposely avoided buying O.J. and I'll put the orange squeezer on the table to encourage squeezing.
Guess what? I never did get those needle felted Madonna's finished. Plus the little chickadee jumping rope skipped to Etsy only for a few days and then I made her an outfit and moved her over to ebay. She's priced at 99 cents and she's getting her fair share of rejection too. There's not a lot of people that want a jump roping chickadee. Gee..I don't know why.
If she doesn't will be back to etsy for her. Instead of my shop being called Feel mY Felt..I should have called it the wool museum. I'm only kidding. I rank myself down all the time. I think I may have been raised to be like this. I don't know. I don't want sympathy just understanding.
I feel like sprucing this blog up a little. I need to add a list of the inspiring blogs I love to visit. There are so many wonderful ones out there. I find myself becoming more and more drawn to certain types of blogs. For example, there's this one blog that I check in on everyday. She never makes a new entry because she's taking a break. She tells us that but I keep haunting the place hoping for her to come back and I don't even know her! Click here
Maybe I'm like that on your blog too! Thanks for the visit.

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