Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say No to Mud

These are pictures of last spring in my backyard.

A little while ago I got a magazine in the mail and I was meaning to share a little of it with you. It's called Birds and Blooms. It only comes out every other month so I'm constantly going to my back issues for my garden fixes. I love looking at gardens. Flowers make me happy. I have shelves of gardening books and magazines. I can never get bored with anything in nature.
Living in New England has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to keeping a garden.
Sometimes after a long cold winter we're over anxious to get out and get things started.
I would just like to pass on this bit of info for any impatient gardeners out there reading this.
This wisdom holds true no matter where you live.
I'll write it here for those that can't read the picture.
Working soil that is too wet can actually cause long term damage.
Squeeze a handful of soil --- if it crumbles through your fingers, you're ready to garden.
Otherwise give it a few days to dry.
xox ~Elaine


Kitty said...

Those are beautiful photographs. I really must get a better camera so I can take some better photographs. (Of course, it could be the photographer that's the problem here?!) x

Anonymous said...

I love your garden shed! All those lovely things hanging off it , it looks fab!

nope, my name is definately Bev but feel free to call my Louise if you'd like to! ;o) hehe

Anonymous said...

Kitty, thank-you I've been visiting your fun blog for some time. This camera is good outside but a flash inside washes all color away. =) Bev, I somehow found you by clicking the archives on Louise's blog. It was a happy mistake and I will be back to read more. Thank-you both for the visit. . xox~Elaine

this is my patch said...

Hi Elaine, these garden pictures are lovely. I love people's blogs, they are always giving me inspiration, I love your idea of how to brighten up a shed. Your plants look so colourful and healthy, they are fab. What a great place to live in New England, somewhere which I hope to one day visit. I had a feeling you had clicked on to Yummy in my Tummy, isn't it a great blog, Bev is some cook and she takes great photos too. I am still learning on the photography front, you should see some of my binned shots! x

nydampress said...

Also, it should be noted your buoy collection rocks!