Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Empty Dinner Table

I'm having so much fun going through 2 little boxes of antique toys to sell on ebay. Setting them up to get their pictures taken allows me to play with them. I wonder how many other people imagine this little couple talking to each I do. I would love to set this table.

Sadly... another dealer will probably scoop this couple up for resale. That's usually what happens.

Most likely they will end up on some lonely dusty shelf. Or worse still...go back into a box where they'll sit for another 100 years.

What I hope would happen is that they would find their way to a little girl's hands.
And she will make them come to life with her imagination.
She will set the table with a table cloth made of kleenex and bottle cap dishes filled with meals prepared with love. For dessert she would make little chocolate cakes out of mud, decorated with flower petals and cooked dry by the sun. The dolls would tell eachother all their deepest thoughts and dreams.
.................... Words that could only be uttered by a 7 year old.
I have a 7 year old boy. He wouldn't care one bit to play with this set. It doesn't "do" anything. Besides, it would require that he take his eyes off his Mario game. oh well.


Anonymous said...

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elaine said...

good one...heh
I'm like a kid that never grew up.

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog and enjoyed it so much. I'll "stop by" again soon and take a look :)

BB from Ga.

elaine said...

thank-you BB

Anonymous said...

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