Monday, January 25, 2010

A Closer Look

For me, taking good pictures is pure LUCK!
Most of the day the sun is too bright.
Or the day is way too gray.

when I wake up in the morning the sun is just coming around to my window.

One morning I laid in bed thinking of how pretty the light was
as it streamed through my window panes.
I didn't waste another minute more just thinking about it.

I got up,
took a piece of art paper and made a small stage for the animals.

and Noah.
I clicked and clicked on my camera.
This angle and that angle.
People buying things from me on ebay
want to see as much as I can show them.
I thought I would be able to do ALL of them...
but the striking stream of light was soon gone.
Daily chores, errands, phone calls, emails and
if I'm so lucky to squeeze in some Scrabble
before the school bus comes then my day is well rounded.
Then comes another special light.
The late afternoon.
It's so fast and fleeting I sometimes miss it all together.
The animals you see above are going to be listed on ebay.
I'm in no hurry to get this project listed.
(only 12 different animals)
Because .....
I like having their little smiles around.


Kitty said...

They are all wonderful photos! Don't you just love it when the light is 'right'? I have had enough of winter light ... so grey ... so 'thin'. Roll on springtime! x

elaine said...

Kitty, nice of you to stop by. (Thank-you) When I see your make "it" look so easy. Be it my camera or me...or both.. it is NOT easy at all. (lol for me I should add) yes... Bring on Spring is right. I'm always ready for spring! It's my favorite of all seasons. xox

this is my patch said...

The effect of the art paper and the light of the sun is so effective. I wonder if I should try this idea for showcasing items for my shop? x

elaine said...

Sure Louise try anything and everything that tickles your fancy. That reminds me I would like to come visit your shop and also to see your beautiful posts. I am spread so thin now a days. xox