Friday, April 3, 2009

You will not Croak-Us

We have one of those driveways that come right up alongside the house,
all the way to the back door.
There's a narrow strip of earth in between the house and drive that I dare to call a garden.
Once there was a nice stand of Periwinkle,
but large patches have died off leaving it dusty and patchy.
Blame a too hot sun from last summer,
or sporadic urinations from a passing pet.
Or maybe the careless footsteps that stomp as they jump out of a car.
Beside my driveway can be a dangerous place.
Where oil slicks roll off in fingers when it rains.
Where shovels heap their heavy snow during wintry blizzards.
Where we dump the sand from our shoes after beach jaunts.
Where bicycle tires travel too close.
Where bouncing balls finally land.
It can be a treacherous place!
But the will to live is strong for a Crocus.
These tough little troopers have survived more than 20 years here.
But they're not so tough that a fly won't land on them!


this is my patch said...

Elaine, what a clever post, and lovely photos. I often stand back and marvel at croak-us! I have those dry patches where nothing grows too. x

Kitty said...

Beautiful photos. My grandmother adored white flowers - she would be bewitched by those crocuses. x

elaine said...

Thank-you for taking your time to write a comment. Much appreciated. xox