Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Red Birdhouse

There was an empty old birdhouse
kicking around, out behind the shed.
One sunny spring day
I dragged it out and painted it bright red.
I wedged it tight,
inside the branches
on the Rose of Sharon tree.
And then I waited patiently
for a bird to come and see.
to be continued... IF a bird comes.


Re said...

The birdhouse sure does look smart. Hope it finds a new resident soon. Thanks for visiting my new blog and leaving a comment it was much appreciated.

kelee Katillac said...

If I were a bird I would love to live there!

Thank-you for stopping by The Katillac Shack!

I hope to see you new friend!


this is my patch said...

Do let us know if a bird sets up home in your lovely red nesting box. x