Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not exactly what I bargained for.

Cluttery Mess
Small Storage Cabinet

As advertised in ad from a newspaper.
Many pieces with instructions in Engrish.

All you need is a Phillips.
I recommend a power screwdriver, this little one is very handy.

I have 14" wide available space.
10" wide means 10" deep? (crap!)

It didn't fit! Had to put hamper there instead.Luckily the hair dryer and brush fit in the drawer.
Here it is nearly 2 hours later.

Martha Stewart close your eyes.
It does hide a lot.


Kitty said...

Yay! Way to go you! That's brilliant - it looks great, even if it isn't quite where you originally intended. x

elaine said...

Kitty, Even with sore burnt finger tips you leave me a kind you are. I hope you're on the fast road to recovery. Thank-you for the visit and cheer. That cabinet is really being quite the little work horse. xox

nydampress said...

Oh this is how nearly all the furniture we have was constructed. OH IKEA I LOVE YOU!

That is a great little cabinet. And from the Xmas Tree Shop. Who knew!?

elaine said...

Kate, You must have a power screwdriver too! I hope we can make a visit someday to see you. Isn't it fun starting your new home? I can't wait to see where your ETSY magic happens. xox

this is my patch said...

I think you have done a good job. I cannot concentrate long enough to read the instructions, let alone put one of these flat-packs together! x

elaine said...

It's not something I would like to do again soon, but I should say that this little cabinet is working just perfectly. Thank-you for the visit. xox