Saturday, February 7, 2009

bet you didn't know I was a poet.....

I stand at my closed window in quiet retreat,
(taking care of business)
Thankful for hot running water.
(Dirty glasses, forks and spoons)
Waiting patiently for the warm days and wild flowers,
(a stack of assorted dirty plates)
So I can throw open my window again.
(what the heLL was in this bowl?)
But take your sweet time February.
(that's what I get for hiding it in the fridge.)
I love you because you are today.
(water swirls down the drain glug, glug.)
And that is what I live for.
(pat my hands dry....sigh )
~Elaine Vermette 2009


Kitty said...

That's really lovely Elaine ... and I can relate TOTALLY. x

elaine said...

Thank-you xox

this is my patch said...

Your poem makes me think of the times when I am doing (un)necessary housework instead of being outside enjoying my garden. x