Friday, March 14, 2008


I have been trying hard to clean and organize my things. One thing that is just pouring out from boxes and bags are old photos. I have a steamer trunk full of them and then some. I came across this one of Emma and a garden that is no more. We had an addition put on the house and the town used my lovely garden as a second test hole for the new septic system we needed to have. One hole wasn't enough....they just had to dig THERE. I lost it all. I'm thankful for this Kodak reminder of the way it was.

I will make it my goal to get it back. It can't be the same, I now have a much needed clothesline nearby but it will be fun gardening again and it might even be better someday.
Oh and for those of you loving the chards of pottery bordering the garden? I do remember it was a pain in the neck. Not only was it hard to cultivate the weeds but the ants had a field day playing amongst them. At the end of summer I gathered them up and saved them for a serious mosiac project that I have yet to get around to. Maybe it will be in the near future however because my Mother- in -Law dropped 2 of her nice old mixing bowls today and they smashed and broke together. She was going to throw them away but I rescued them with loving hands and hope to make something good come from it.
Thanks for stopping by ... sorry that my posts are so sporadic.
As far as crafting goes----well?
I just can't create when my house is a mess and I'm still working on how to fit a set of bunk beds.
(which we still haven't found yet)
Don't give up on me. xox~Elaine


Kitty said...

That bit of garden looks beautiful. I hope you manage to make it so again.

Can't wait to see the mosaic - I've never had a go at that, but have always wanted to.

Take care. x

elaine said...

Thanks Kitty xox


Hi Elaine, I do hope you can get around to getting your patch looking beautiful again, I am sure there is a way of working around the septic tank? You could just have this garden on a very much smaller scale, I can see some of my favourites in your photo, and doesn't Emma look sweet amongst the flowers, as you say thank goodness for the old Kodaks to capture these moments in time. I keep bits of pottery which I dig up from around the garden too. I have a handful of pieces, and must think of a way of using them, although nowhere near enough for a mosaic, I think you should have a go at this, when you get time! Yes more posts please to keep us all happy! x

nydampress said...

Have you thought about Ikea at all? (for the bunk bed)
They have a location in Stoughton!

Anonymous said...

Louise I left you a reply but on your blog..thank-you =)

AND Kate, I followed the link you sent. I absolutely love hearing about the great deals everyone gets at IKEA. I've seen the things that you have posted and love the organizer and bag...but I must confess. I have never been to IKEA and the thought of having to assemble my own furniture is overwhelming. I bought Xavier's youth bed at a toy store for $60. and it came in a what seemed like a million pieces and took me so very long to get it in one piece. I'm being too picky aren't I? AE