Friday, March 21, 2008

First Day of Spring

These little snowdrops welcomed me to spring over at Green Briar Nature Center, Sandwich MA.
If you get to know me well then you'll discover I love wildflowers, birds, being outside and basically anything to do with nature. Today being the first day of Spring seemed a good time to pay my tribute to the heralding snowdrop. Green Briar has hundreds of them marching through the landscape as if on parade.
This is one of the few clumps I have growing in my own backyard.
Now with all these flowers you would hope to see them open and smiling but noooooooooooooooooooo. So I had to google one open to show you.

Or can bring them inside where it's cozy and warm to coax them open as my sister did here.


Kitty said...

I love snowdrops, don't you? They are so 'classy' somehow. Lovely pictures - thank you for sharing.

Hope you and yours have a lovely Easter weekend. x

this is my patch said...

Beautiful snowdrops, I love them. I have been really fortunate in that my Dad has dug up some of his for me this year, so I can increase my stocks. I hope they re-appear next year as beautiful in my garden, as they do in his? x