Thursday, February 24, 2011

How NOT to sell your Antique Quilt on Ebay

If you have a dying old quilt.... and you want to sell it on ebay.
Perhaps it's not the best idea to compare it to rotting flesh.
My artistic muse gets in the way

Crazy Quilt
Undated - unsigned
Early American
45" x 56" not counting the frayed border
Condition - Good

This poor tired tattered quilt....

A collage of exhausted fine fabrics, velvets and thread bare silks

with muslin exposed like skeletal bones through rotting flesh.

The mass of pretty embroidered stitches are like
little colorful soldiers in an army

rallying the war against decay and deterioration.
They are holding their ground.

Mouse earred edges are worn and torn
like broken teeth in battle.
While hand painted daisies and little stitched pictures
help to soften the field.

This quilt has had a life of hard work.

Yet remarkably the back of the quilt is strong and undefiled,
it seems to defy age.

Strong vibrant rich red fabric is the life blood of what keeps this rugged relic alive.


Please excuse my grossly artistic description.

This really is a lovely antique and all original piece of folk art.

By the does not smell like rotting flesh!

In fact it has no offensive odor at all.

Many of these examples of the Early American Quilt

are in the same boat so to speak.

They are becoming quite scarce.

In generations to come I suspect only pictures and

silly descriptions like this will survive.



kakarmand said...

that's very antique

elaine said...

It sure is!