Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This years costume...Link
A character from the video game The Adventures of Zelda.
(thank-you Tom)
What do you do when you run out of candy to give on Halloween night?

You could do what one of our delerious neighbors decided to do.
Give away your personal belongings.
She gave my 7 year old grandson
a pillow with a catchy saying.

~" Of all the things I lost it seems I miss my mind the most."~

Seeing as how Halloween was just yesterday.... reminds me of this little bat that flew into the car and crashed into my husbands ear as he was driving! This happened on a warm September night and ok so I didn't go blogging it right away but I'm telling you now aren't I? It was so eerie. So it flies in and he's thinking it must be a bird. He feels it on his ear and he grabs it and flings it off. It goes to the floor of the car and stays very still....he thought it was dead. He pulled off the road and sees a brown lump on the floor and gets back to driving the few blocks home. At home he notices it's a bat not a bird at which point he calls us out to see it. I grab an old glass jar with a cover and my plan is to bury the little creature. I reach down and he flinches. We are both startled. ...So anyway now this bat is in a jar....what to do next? Take a picture of course!
Bat's eat bugs and I give him a grape...he snarls at my gift. Soon I let him go and he flew away.
It was a whole lot more drawn out...but I'm sparing you the drama.

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