Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Xavier's Eighth Birthday

Before Xavier went to sleep I took his picture because it would be the last time I saw him as 7 years old. I'm sentimental that way...................................................................................................
Then while Xavier was at school I baked a chocolate cake and blew up 4 punching balls that look like big balloons I hung some crepe paper and wrapped a few small gifts to surprise him.

Tom frosted the cake and put a little plastic Mario, a number 8 candle and way too many sparklers! If I did this myself I would have only put 8 sparklers..........but it was very exciting to see all those tall sparklers shooting sparks at once. I couldn't get it on camera. Speaking of not getting a picture. I didn't even think to take a picture of his classroom treats this year. They were so pretty too. Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes. I used wafer cones with flat bottoms. Inside each cone I put 8 M&M candies then I peeled the paper off of a store bought mini cup cake and placed it right inside the cone. It was just the right size and the way the store swirled the white frosting it looked like ice cream. They even had colored sprinkles on top. What kind of a blogger doesn't get a pictures of that? Oh well.....I live for the moment. Oh and when you make these be sure to find a pretty box to send them off in. (presentation!) Size is important these fall over unless they are packed tight. I lined the bottom with a sheet of waxed paper and covered the treats loosely with another sheet of waxed paper. Xavier told me that all of the kids loved them except Olivia complained the cone was stale......... but he told me she still ate it just the same. I imagine the cones sat in that box all day and the frosting probably was softening the cones where it touched. I will keep that in mind next time I make these and brainstorm a way to keep the cones crunchy. I know what Olivia means. There must be a way to keep that cone crunchy. No more birthdays in our house for a good while.


Anonymous said...

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this is my patch said...

I'm a little late in sending Birthday wishes to you Xavier, but hope the day was a happy one for you. x