Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Doesn't Take Much to Amaze Me

So...this evening I'm at my sink doing dishes and I'm looking at my rose. The same one Tom gave me for Valentine's Day. Then I start thinking wow this flower is really lasting a long time. Hmmm it was the 14th and today is the 23rd. That was 9 days ago! Look at it. Of course it's hard to see because as always I just grab the camera.............point ---> shoot and then subject the world to my poor photography skills. Oh well. What a Rose!


Kitty said...

The rose is gorgeous. x

this is my patch said...

An everlasting rose. How lovely. x

elaine said...

Kitty, Louise... as I write this to you it is now 13 days after Valentine's Day and my only rose is not dried or drooping. Last year I got many roses and none lasted this long. Thank-you both for you visit and taking time to tell me you were here. xox