Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Violets


At my steps and in my soul
the sweet violets of early spring.
Nodding heads and waving hearts
in mass profusion what joy they bring.
Isn't that lovely? And Violet I do mean it.
But here's the dirt little Miss V.
consider well the source
Steer clear of the beds and borders
or your luck will run it's course.
Persnickety gardeners curse you
for your annual brigade.
You mind your P's and Q's
to make it in my shade.


Come on now ...please be happy.
You have lots of room to roam.
We've known eachother all our lives.
You're welcome in my home.

- Elaine M. Vermette 2009


this is my patch said...

What a lovely poem. Love china with violets on too. These little flowers have done very well in my garden this year, especially the white ones. x

elaine said...

Thank-you Louise. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a dish for every flower. I have the white violets too and I especially like their violet throat. I've never seen a yellow violet though.....yet. This is a great year for the violets here in New England too. xox