Thursday, January 15, 2009


Xavier has a surprise to show you.

It's exciting to be almost 7 years old,
and your tooth wiggles out all by itself!

The tooth fairy used to bring me a shiny quarter for each lost tooth.

Xavier is hoping for a dollar.


Kitty said...

Yay! For Xavier's tooth ... what did the tooth fairy bring? And does your tooth fairy have to write notes? Our tooth fairies are required to write notes - :-O x

this is my patch said...

I really do not like the sensation of a wiggly tooth, I remember as a child really disliking it. I hope Xavier found his dollar, children in the UK will hope to find a pound coin! Happy New Year to you all. x

elaine said...

Kitty, For some reason Xavier thinks the tooth fairy can't speak English. He asked me what the tooth fairy does with teeth..? I told him the fairies give them to me because I like to collect them. He said -- no suh! xox

Louise, Xavier ended up getting not 1 but $2. He put them both directly into his piggy bank. He's saving up for an action figure.

By the way..thank-you both for leaving me a comment. I know it takes an extra minute and I appreciate it. =) x

kate said...

These are such great portraits of Xavier. I can't believe he is almost 7, wow!

(sorry it's been a while, I have been a bad blogger and reader of blogs. I'll try to be better!)

elaine said...

hi Kate! I click over to your blog every chance I get and not seeing a new post just means to me that you're busy. I understand completely. Thank-you for telling me you were here. I appreciate the visit. Xavier is growing so big he's popping the seams of all his beloved costumes! I'm happy to hear from you. xox AE