Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For The Record

Halloween come and go without at least a mention? Nooooooo.... for let the record show that this lone little Power Ranger dragged in more Halloween treats than I have ever seen walk through these doors! Tom and Theresa guided the little super hero through our generous neighboorhood and taught him the most efficient way to zip from lit house to lit house without any needless dilly dallying in between. To a kid, trickatreating is like a job, if you're gonna do it then you might as well do it well.

The weather was mild. The moon was large and it wasn't windy. Xavier wore his long johns under his costume and was comfortable. When he got home and took off the costume he was all ready for bed.

Take a good look at that mountain of sugar because except for a couple of jaw breakers and dum dums it's just about all gone now. I don't police the candy. Well...ok I take that back. I do put restraints just a little. I put the pumpkin out of reach close to meals, at bedtime and before school. When it's candy time I want him to eat so much candy that he turns green and that's pretty much what happens. After a few hours of playing with the pumpkin Xavier doesn't want to see candy for a long time. Besides he throws most of it away after the taste test. He thinks Butterfingers are too crunchy, 3 Musketeers are too soft, Whoppers are gross. etc. etc. waste waste.... I happen to love them all and UGH I'm green myself thinking of all the ones I ate trying to save him. An interesting point of information: Although Power Rangers may possess super human strengths, they falter under the weight of chocolate bars and milk duds.

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