Thursday, September 25, 2008


Drawers in my home

I have an affinity for drawers.

Large or small....

I surround myself with them.

They are everywhere you look in my house.

There are even more than I have pictured...

While most of my drawers are used often.
There are some that are seldom ever used.

Some drawers hold fun things.

Some drawers hold important things .
Some drawers hold junk.

This drawer holds my poptart crumbs!

Drawers not in my home but that I like

I've seen stair treads made into drawers but I prefer this style.

The Shakers really knew how to utilize drawers.

There can never be too many drawers available.


Kitty said...

Crikey Elaine, I thought we were going to see your knickers for a minute!! :-O x

Anonymous said...

LMAO Kitty!

suddenly said...

i love your pop-tart-crumb drawer and i think the drawers built into the staircase are brilliant. i am so getting those made when i find a home.